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Medicines have benefits and some have risks. Always read labels and use as directed. If symptoms persist or you have side effects see your health professional.

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Frovatriptan is a triptan medication which is primarily used as an abortive treatment in migraine headaches with or without aura. It is also sometimes used as a preventive treatment for menstrual migraines.

The medication is more commonly known by the brand names Frova and, in some parts of the world, Migrex. It is only possible to buy Frovatriptan in 2.5 mg tablets, regardless of the name it is sold under.

While triptan medications are highly effective in treating cluster headaches, administration by tablet is the least-effective route of administration for the condition. Cluster headache sufferers will likely have better results with triptan injections or nasal spray, such as:

This product is only effective on certain types of pain; do not buy Frovatriptan to treat headaches other than migraines, or to treat pain in other parts of the body.

Buy Frovatriptan to Stop Migraines

The majority of patients buy Frovatriptan to combat migraines. It primarily works by inhibiting the dilation of arteries and blood vessels around the brain, which eliminates, or significantly reduces, pain, aura, nausea and other associated symptoms.

As an abortive medication, Frovatriptan is ideally administered at the earliest symptoms of a headache, whether that be pain or the onset of aura. It will likely still have some effect if taken at later stages, but is less likely to completely abort the headache.

Administration is straightforward:

  • Take one tablet (2.5 mg) at the earliest symptoms of a migraine.
  • Food is optional, but it should be taken with a full glass of fluid.
  • If symptoms persist, an additional tablet (2.5 mg) may be taken 2 hours later.
  • Do not exceed 3 tablets (7.5 mg) in a 24 hour period.

If the first tablet does not provide significant relief, additional tablets are unlikely to help; alternative therapies should be considered.

Other headache-reducing measures may be utilized to further enhance treatment, such as laying down, avoiding bright lights or loud noises, and so forth.

Frovatriptan as a Preventive Treatment

Use of triptans as preventive measures is still largely experimental and, in some cases, somewhat controversial. It may be difficult in some areas to get a prescription to buy Frovatriptan for this purpose. Likewise, dosage and administration guidelines can be somewhat variable.

As a preventive treatment Frovatriptan is most commonly used against menstrual migraines, which occur shortly before, during, or shortly after a woman's period:

  • Take one tablet (2.5 mg) per day, starting two days prior to anticipated menstruation.
  • Some doctors advise two tablets (5 mg) per day.
  • Continue treatment for 6 days.

Studies suggest about 50 percent of women experience no menstrual migraines when taking 5 mg per day, while about a third of women found relief with the lower 2.5 mg dose. Keep in mind that higher doses carry a greater risk of adverse effects.

Adverse Effects

This medication can produce serious, potentially life-threatening complications in patients who have a history of coronary artery disease. Likewise, patients with significant risk factors for coronary artery disease, including high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and so forth, should carefully discuss potential risks with a doctor and have a cardiovascular evaluation performed before using Frovatriptan, or any triptan medication. It is also highly advisable that the first dose of Frovatriptan be administered under medical supervision in such cases.

In otherwise healthy adults side effects are unlikely to be dangerous, and are not cause cause for concern unless severe:

  • Dry mouth
  • Indigestion
  • Flushing or chills
  • Mild dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Tingling sensation

The effects of Frovatriptan on unborn or nursing babies is unknown; use should be avoided unless explicitly recommended by a doctor.

Buy Frovatriptan Before you Need It

Given the time-sensitive nature of this product, you'll want to have Frovatriptan on-hand to administer at the earliest symptoms of a migraine.

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